The Insight

Hiding behind euphemisms doesn’t work any more. Women are emboldened to take control of their vaginal health and break the stigma of herpes and the discomfort of yeast infections without feeling shame along the way.

The Assignment

Revisit the current brand campaign “Joie de Hooha” to leave the dated euphemisms behind. Bring the revamped campaign to life through a new brand voice, tagline, brand story and visual expression.

The Idea

Celebrate the joyful life that’s just on the other side of an outbreak. Remind women that they are bigger than their diagnosis by focusing on the person rather than the condition. Humanize the experience by sharing our founder’s personal story.

Brand Story + Tagline

We’re FemiClear. We believe your V should be a source of joy and love. It’s your center. The foundation of pleasure. But when your V gets out of balance, there is just one goal – to get back to the life you love. Those fulfilling relationships. Intimate connections. Laughter. And the ultimate joy of feeling great in your skin. We are a company led by women, breaking boundaries in over-the-counter women’s health. A team of driven problem solvers, we are obsessed with science, and shun chemicals. Nature gives us the ingredients and we make the most of them. To innovate, we rely on expert scientists, medical professionals, but also our customers because they know their bodies best. FemiClear is created with equal parts science and empathy because we’ve been there ourselves. We tackle conditions others won’t – like genital herpes – to help shatter stigmas, educate others and heal our bodies. At FemiClear, we believe that everyone deserves to find peace and balance within their V and joy in their life. That’s what we call Joie de V.

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