GLO to Go

Product Launch

Boosting Sales

In 2019, BBCA rebranded and repackaged GLO Lit, resulting in an exceptional 2000% increase in sales on


  • Develop a line extension to capitalize on the success of the GLO Lit rebranding and repackaging
  • Strategize differentiated positioning for whitening pen
  • Create an ownable product name
  • Express product point of difference through key messaging
  • Design eye-catching packaging (primary & secondary)
  • 360 degree launch ideation

Consumer + Category Insight

Consumers love the great results of at-home whitening treatments, but they don’t love investing in expensive, cumbersome systems and committing to strict whitening regimes.

Packaging Design

This package slides open to reveal the pen in a branded tray.

The light blue of the carton glorifies the brand color, while the rich, deep blue accent color adds a premium and luxurious feel.

Matte finishing on the sleeve and a gloss coating on the on the slide-out tray provides contrast and interest while leaving the packaging easy for fans on social media to photograph.

The pen is decorated with a matching light blue, pearlized with contrasting dark blue neck and base.

Product Name

Name speaks to the consumer’s desire to have flexibility and ease with a pocket-sized teeth whitening system.

Color Palette

We leveraged the proven successful light blue and joined it with a sophisticated dark blue to create dimension & reinforce the scientific roots of the brand.


The GLO brand logo is paired with a dynamic handwritten font to express the “on the go” benefits.

Competitive Differentiation

Differentiated vs. competitive touch-up pens by positioning GLO to Go as a hand-held whitening system.

Brand Equity

Key messaging reinforces GLO brand equity, ingredient transparency and oral care expertise (Dentist founder, clinical results).

Portfolio Management

Successfully demonstrated how GLO to Go works within existing GLO portfolio and on it’s own.

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