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Consumer Insight

With prestige brands leading the conversation, clean beauty has become synonymous with luxury. It’s no surprise that consumers think they need to sacrifice quality or spend a lot to go green.

The Challenge

Heritage Store, the OG of clean beauty, was natural through and through and affordable. But what it had in credibility it lacked in allure. The trusty, but dusty brand needed a makeover to convince consumers that, yes, they can have it all.

Program Success

Public Relations

  • Featured in Popsugar, New York Magazine, Byrdie, Refinery29, Into The Gloss, New York Times, Allure, and more
  • 100% increase in earned media Impressions vs. prior year


  • Paid content partnership with target’s celebrity & influencer icons
  • Relaunch brand with actress Nikki Reed

Social Media

  • 22000% increase in profile views
  • 3393% increase in interactions
  • 650% increase in fans
  • $0.01 average CPE on product ads

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