A Design Revolution: Packaging For All Humans

As one of the OG’s of clean & green beauty, Soapwalla stands for more than just healthy skin. It represents values of inclusive healthy living. Timed with the brand’s 10th anniversary, Base Beauty redesigned the future 10 years of this beloved brand. The founder was willing to throw out many of the brand’s existing elements but simply asked that we find a way to make sure the customer knows this brand is not for any specific gender, age or lifestyle. Our strategy for that was executed simply, all packaging now includes the tag line “for all humans.”

Prior to design, we executed a complete product architecture study, to identify unnecessary┬árepetition, which was mapped back to consumer feedback to ensure future product architecture would answer the most important┬áconsumer question: “Why do I need this?” The new packaging design, color architecture and copywriting are streamlined and easy to digest, beautiful not only at brick & mortar retail but also photograph well on social media.