Life at BBCA

Learn more about the culture at BBCA and the values that keep us creating great work.

A Note From Our Founder

Aside from helping our clients reach their growth goals, the most exciting part of my job is building an agency that leads with kindness. Through my 20+ year career, I’ve seen first hand why agencies are often described with unpleasant four-letter words. I’ve lived and worked through plenty of junk thanks to toxic cultures.

With Base Beauty, I get the chance to reinvent what an agency can be, what internal collaboration and partnership with clients looks and sounds like, and how everyone on the team, no matter their age or expertise, can have a good idea. I value my team and work hard to find ways to reward them for excellence and honor their journey. Employee appreciation leads with respect!

Jodi Katz

Agency Values

Our team of seasoned beauty and wellness professionals share these core values in our work. These values are the foundation of our agency and we strive to integrate each one of them into every area of the work we do for our clients.

Pride in Your Work
Pride in Yourself
Be the Boss of Your Work

Mostly Work From Home

Since BBCA’s inception 15 years ago, we have built the business with an infrastructure and process that allows for the agency to operate 100% virtually. In retrospect, this approach was ahead of its time, and allows for us to excel in our mostly work from home workflow. We are a New York City-based business that operates on eastern time zone for clients in many time zones.

Peer-to-Peer Program

This is a mentoring program that is valuable, not hierarchical. The only criteria is that we are matching up people who have been working at BBCA for a while with people who are newer to the agency. As an inclusion tactic, this helps to foster OPPORTUNITIES!!!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Alliance is focused on representation and amplifying diverse voices and creating opportunities within our team and through our client work. Some of the topics our Alliance Team has discussed in the past have included:

  • Derogatory/sexist language said to female employees by a client
  • Racist language said to employees by a client
  • Diversifying our team as a small business
  • Creating an experience of equity on set for non-white talent
  • Creating an experience of equity on set for curve talent
  • Racial inequality, systematic racism and the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Stop Asian & Pacific Islander hate
  • Equity in pay for creators
  • Safe Zone training

Ring The Bell

We have bells in the office and at each of our desks which we ring when good stuff happens. It’s our way to imprint on our brains and hearts that lots of good stuff happens every day at work. It makes dealing with the more challenging days a bit easier. Now, our clients celebrate this way too.

Immersion Programs

At BBCA our innovative thinking pulls through to our programming as well. We offer free masterclasses, webinars and immersion programs to our team, our clients and our industry friends so that everyone can stay ahead of the trends of our evolving industry.

Full Time Employee Benefits

In addition to competitive salaries, a quarterly bonus program, health insurance, 401k contributions, and generous paid time off, here are other ways that we honor the talents, ambition and hard work of our full time employees.

Mental Health Day Program

A day off from work, outside of your vacation and holiday time off, a day with no meetings or work commitments, to be spent as you choose.

Parental Leave

We crafted this program according to our team’s wish list. Family and personal lives are important to us at BBCA so we upgraded our policy to ensure that our FTE receive 100% of their wages during their leave as opposed to the 67% the state of NY mandates.

Continuing Education & Career Development

At BBCA your professional development is important. When you grow, we grow, our clients grow- and the ecosystem keeps turning! We offer fully compensated courses, coaching and memberships to support your professional advancement and will help you find the right courses to help you grow at BBCA.

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