Tom’s of Maine

Social Media Case Study

TikTok Results

11.4% increase in followers

210K+ total impressions achieved

6.5% engagement rate equalling 2X the industry average

Instagram Results

705% increase in amount of net new followers

28% increase in overall reach

22% increase in website taps

The Challenge

While Tom’s of Maine historically has been the sole OG of clean oral and personal care, now the category is busy with innovative D2C brands and cluttered by greenwashing. We had to break through that clutter to prove that clean products are effective and that Tom’s of Maine is authentic and value driven.

Our Strategy

Our data-driven creativity approach led to a strategy build on edutainment. Brand equity storytelling, product performance storytelling and lifestyle moments are expressed in ways that both educate and inspire the consumer.

Tom's of Maine: Social Media Case Study
Our Services

Social Media Strategy
Influencer Marketing
Art Direction
Photography (in studio)
Photography (on location)
Video (in studio)
Video (UGC creator)
Graphic Design


Personal Care

How did we do it?

Content: Studio

Studio still-life and reels developed to show off new branding and reinforce the natural ethos.
Tom's of Maine Luminous White Anticavity Toothpaste
Tom's of Maine Medicine Cabinet
Sustainable Packaging

Shows audience’s creative ways to upcycle products.

Badge Identity

Displays activist badges to tie in product and environmental benefits.

Above Average Eng. Rate

Crisp sounds and bright visuals make these videos highly popular on TikTok with the hashtag earning over 713.8B views.

Content: On Location

Time outside is a benchmark of Tom’s, so we took our content planning outdoors — on hikes, camping in the desert, and pitching a tent.

Tom's of Maine On Location Content
Tom's of Maine On Location Content

Content: Influencer

Focus on families who embody the spirit of Tom’s — highlighting moments like recycling, health habits, and time outdoors.

Tom's of Maine Influencer Content
Tom's of Maine Influencer Content
Tom's of Maine Influencer Content
Tom's of Maine Influencer Content

Content: UGC-Style

Elevated storytelling, unique content creation, community management, and targeted paid social campaigns.

Most Views
POV Humor

107,751 views on TikTok

Highest Avg. Watch Time
Get Ready With Me

Average watch time of 10.7 seconds

Highest Organic Eng.
POV Sustainability

23 organic engagements

Content: Design

Leverage brand standards but create motion and energy in educational content.

Most Engaging

in the past

90 Days
Tom's of Maine Design Content
Edu-taining Carousels & Animations

Drive engagement with sharable and savable graphics. Maximize reach with relevant hashtags that have high visibility like #SustainabilityMatters (346k), #NaturalLiving (1.8M) or #DoGood (2.9M).

Tom's of Maine Design Content
In spite of the popularity of reels on Instagram, carousel posts statistically are the most engaging overall. Bold, educational graphics incorporating Tom’s doodles engage followers with a sense of movement while leveraging brand colors.
Highest Reach

in the past

90 Days
Tom's of Maine Design Content
Engaging Stories

Inform followers with pithy language, unique engagement features, and calls-to-action that drive engagement and boost potential to drive sales conversions.