Pause Well-Aging

Brand & Category Launch

The Insight

We were finally having honest conversations about periods and body hair, embracing makeup-free skin and bodies of every shape and size. However, menopause was still a completely taboo topic. Leading beauty magazines had yet to use the word in print and a major home shopping network banned saying “menopause” on air.

The Challenge

Launch Pause Well-Aging, a skincare brand and movement dedicated to embracing menopause and finally get this conversation started.

Program Success

  • Featured in New York Times, Hamptons, Angeleno, First for Women, Business of Fashion,, FatMascara Podcast, Fox News, KTLA
  • Today Show segment brought in $20K same day sales
  • Allure used the word “menopause” for the first time is print
  • Celebrity Tichina Arnold shared authentic menopause stories with her fans
  • Influencer collaborations gained nearly 2 million impressions
  • Highly targeted paid Facebook ads inspired dynamic and passionate conversation about menopause
Launch month press coverage resulted in 75,891,451 impressions.

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