Professional Skincare Case Study

Ad Campaign Results

Exceeded benchmarks on all digital touchpoints

Content + Performance Results

Grew paid search + social revenue 10X

Increased organic social audience growth rate 16% and 29% in branded tags

40% email open rate

4% DTC conversion rate for blog

Awareness Results

#EpioncePro increased 372%

Launched the brand’s first Pro Squad Network increasing KOL partner programs with Dr. Dendy Engelman, Dr. Dianne Davis, and Esthetician Ian Crumm

A+ placements in Vogue, New Beauty, People, and Allure — leveraging the voice of their Dermatologist founder and notable KOLs

The Challenge

Drive brand awareness, credibility, and trust among Professional and Consumer targets, and grow the Epionce Pro account channel.

Our Strategy
For Epionce, skin barrier health is not a trend. As the original barrier-first brand celebrating their 20-year anniversary, we set out to lead the conversation on barrier health and demonstrate to consumers and pros that we have a shared goal — to create healthy skin and beautiful results.
Epionce: Professional Skincare Case Study
Our Services
Brand Strategy
Campaign Development
Media Relations
Social Media Strategy
Content Creation + Copywriting
Influencer + KOL Relations
Content Calendar + Posting
Community Management
Paid Program Social + Search
Email + Blog Program
Professional Skincare

How did we do it?

Research + Brands Fundamentals

Conducted stakeholder interviews and competitive analysis to build insights.
Epionce Insight Gathering
Insight Gathering
Conducted market research and interviews with internal and external brand stakeholders to gain additional insights in order to refine points of differentiation — Founder, Epionce Pros, and Epionce Educators.
Epionce Brand Story Highlights
Brand Story Highlights

Uncovered brand and market insights to develop key Brand Fundamentals including the Brand Positioning Statement, Brand Voice, and Brand Story.

Campaign Development

Created a campaign that resonated with pros and consumers.

Epionce Is Better For Your Barrier
Campaign Concept Write-Up + Key Visual

Demonstrate that Epionce is and always has been Barrier Obsessed.

Epionce Trade Print Ad for Targeting Pros
Pro Target

Trade Print Ads, an Anniversary Video, and Social Assets for Pros.

Consumer Target
National brand relaunch introduced brand’s commitment to barrier-first messaging to consumer audiences with Print Ads, Paid Digital, and a Brand Video.
318K Impressions
Epionce Campaign Development: Sponsored Social
Sponsored Social
860K Impressions
Epionce Campaign Development: NewBeauty Homepage Takeover
NewBeauty Homepage Takeover

Media Relations

Held press event featuring Epionce Pro, Dr. Dendy, and Founder, Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, as well as oversaw ongoing strategic pitching and award submissions.

Epionce Ongoing Strategic Pitching

Ongoing Strategic Pitching resulted in 90+ earned placements and 770mm+ impressions with inclusion of key products in notable publications like People Magazine, Women’s Health, Allure, Real Simple, NewBeauty and more.

Epionce Virtual Media Event

Virtual Media Event kicked off brand relaunch to the press resulting in a UVPM of 35,000+ with brand founder and media-savvy KOL partner Derm, Dr. Engelman.

Influencer + KOL Relations

Educated and inspired through Influencer and Pro partnerships.

Epionce: Dr. Dendy Live with Ian Crumm
Dr. Dendy Live with Ian Crumm – Watch Here
Dr. Dendy Partner Content

Paid Search

Oversaw ongoing keyword research.

Epionce Paid Search

10x revenue growth and 20x impressions growth on Facebook and Instagram in just 9 months.

Epionce Paid Search

Organic + Paid Social Media

Unique content creation, community management, and paid social campaigns.
ER By Reach
Epionce: Organic and Paid Social Media
The Avg. Comments
Epionce: Organic and Paid Social Media
ER By Reach
Higher Reach Than Avg.
Higher Reach Than Avg.
More Shares Than Avg.

Digital Blog + Email

Blog post writing as well as e-blast writing and design.
Avg. Page Value
Epionce: Digital Blog and Email
Avg. Page Value
Epionce: Digital Blog and Email
Ecomm Conversion Rate
Epionce: Digital Blog and Email