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6 Insights on The Role of Technology in Enhancing Your Personalization Strategy

by | December 09, 2021 | Beauty Expertise, Technology

Last month I chaired the Product Development track at Beauty Connect LA and had the honor of moderating a panel discussing The Role of Technology In Enhancing Your Personalization Strategy.

At Base Beauty, leveraging advancements in technology, specifically through AI, ML and AR impact the future strategy and brand growth for many of our clients. Of course, it’s all about personalization at scale. Cameron Abid, Business Director of Personal Care at BASF, Ming Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO of PROVEN Skincare, and Stephanie Mansolf, Senior Director of Business Development at PERFECT Corp, joined me on stage. Here are 6 key takeaways: 

  1. The beauty industry is massive! And will likely continue to grow and evolve. Consider how you can implement elements of personalization into your marketing efforts. If you’re not ready for personalized product formulas, perhaps restructuring your social media platform communications and targeted ads is a different way to connect with the consumers on a more intimate level.
  2. As more brands explore tech’s role in their personalization strategies, it will continue to be important to maintain privacy and security around data collection protocols top of mind not only for legal reasons, but also so your consumers trust you and feel respected.
  3. If you’re a brand who implements AI at retail, consider how this creates a true omni experience and be sure to share those efforts digitally for shoppers who are not in store.
  4. The pandemic pushed more consumers than ever before to experience brands/products through AI/AR technologies. Their familiarity and curiosity with these tools continues to grow.
  5. With all new innovations, including personalization in tech and product development, brands should consider diverse consumer segments and be sure to represent all consumers leveraging these tools.
  6. The future for personalization is bright! The panelists had so many blue-sky ideas on what’s to come for future consumers like their children and beyond, including my favorite, a realistic mirror which shows you what you look like with a makeup look on before you commit to buying or applying.

How has your brand leveraged advancements in tech or personalization strategies? Haven’t implemented them yet? My team at Base Beauty would love to daydream with you on how this could fuel brand growth.

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