Mass Makeup Case Study


Growth in engagement rate MoM in sync with the brand’s continued revenue growth in the category

Achieved an average engagement rate higher than Glossier, Charlotte Tilbury and ELF on both Instagram and TikTok

Nurtured and expanded community through successful community management, growing TikTok following by +16.08%

Drove significant EMV and AVE via outbound community management

Attained significant success during August Fruit Fetish Lip Oil launch across platforms, with Ulta tripling their original order, shortly after selling out in just a week

The Challenge
The category leaders assert dominance with their low prices and big marketing plans (think Superbowl-sized budgets!). With limited investment, we took on the category leaders by maximizing the power of Milani’s own community to build brand affinity, not just product lust.
Our Strategy

Low Key, High End. Yes, Milani gives you a luxurious product experience. Yes, they sell products at an affordable price. Yes, they launch a lot of new products every year. Yes, their products go viral on TikTok. But in order to truly win with this target, Milani needed to be more than just another pretty new product launch. We set out to create intimacy with the end user and build brand storytelling through edutainment content that capitalizes on shared experiences, fellowship and connection.

Milani: Mass Makeup Case Study
Our Services
Social Media Strategy
Data-Driven Benchmarking
Social Listening
Trend Tracking
Content Ideation
Content Calendar + Posting
Community Management


How did we do it?


Social listening, data analysis and competitive analysis informed social media optimizations.

Data Analysis

Took a deep dive into KPIs at the brand level and allowed aspirational competitive benchmarks to inform future decision making.

Community Management

Grew the brand’s community on social by engaging with like-minded feeds while also building up the relationships with brand loyalists, developing a “be everywhere” presence.

Social Listening

Monitored and analyzed online conversations and mentions of brands, topics, or keywords to gain insights into consumer sentiments and trends.

Data-Driven Benchmarking

Created unique competitive set and industry benchmarks via performance data and adjusting every quarter for timely accurate benchmarking.

Content Ideation

Created campaign and content ideas based on social trends and cultural moments, highlighted product newness to drive engagement and reach via social presence.


To compete on Instagram in this cluttered category with trends coming and going daily, we focused directly on how Milani products are a part of our customers day-to-day at home, in pop culture and in the digital world.
10.06% ER
In-Feed: Showcasing Products

Extreme close ups and intimacy with the product.

345.9k Impressions
In Feed: Showcasing Products
In-Feed: Social and Pop Culture Moments
If we aren’t part of shared cultural moments, we aren’t a part of the consumer’s lives.
13.1k Impressions
Stories: Featuring UGC Reposts
Stories: Featuring UGC Reposts
Connection and community are the brand’s goals, and fans are truly a part of the Milani digital experience at every step.
12.3k Impressions
Stories: Featuring UGC Reposts
Stories: Highlighting Newness

Edutainment is essential—we are mindful of what the consumer needs to know to be able to say yes!


On TikTok, Milani is here to entertain. And for a makeup enthusiasts, that means showing off the details, details, details about how the products enhance their lives. In every video, using trending sounds, trending formats and product news, we answer the consumer’s question, “Why do I care?” And by tracking content engagement rates, we can see clearly that Milani is a big part of their lives.

4.9M Impressions
19.36% Eng. Rate
Milani TikTok: Showcasing Products
12.92% Eng. Rate
Milani TikTok: Giveaway Alert
16.90% Eng. Rate

Product Launch: Fruit Fetish Lip Oil

Launching with a Bread Crumb Strategy
As beauty enthusiasts, we understand the desire to be in-the-know and feeling that you are part of creating the brand. Milani fans are hungry for brand news—especially if it’s about upcoming launches. To support the roll out of new shades of the Fruit Fetish Lip Oil, we made the fans part of the story. Elevating the community’s voice in the pre-launch phase cultivated a playful energy in advance of the launch.
$49k Total EMV
Product Launch: Fruit Fetish Lip Oil
936 Engagements
Product Launch: Fruit Fetish Lip Oil
Product Launch: Fruit Fetish Lip Oil
Product Launch: Fruit Fetish Lip Oil

Community Management: Community Is Connection

Community management entails being on the front lines of consumer curiosity, confusion and customer service. As the brand voice, community management is often the first intro to the brand an audience has. By keeping our antennas up we are able to build a strong and loyal customer base, creating trust in the brand.
$34.8k EMV
One comment garnered 3.7k likes and sparked a discussion with 50 replies. After sending a package of replacement product, Morgan made another video with 137k+ views.
$75.5k EMV

Through CM we cultivated a strong relationship, resulting in three videos naturally incorporating mentions of Milani products, achieving $66k+ EMV on each video.

Milani: Community Management