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Colgate Design Obsessed: Event Recap

by | November 15, 2021

At Colgate’s Design Obsessed event, I was reminded of how important it is to explore and discuss the power of art making in all forms — in this case, it was experienced through the world of design.

And what a night it was! Upon arriving at the Cineplex, I was taken back to my life pre-COVID, when heading to the cinema was a last-minute pastime pleasure. It’s a space we’ve all taken for granted, yet it gives us so much: entertainment, community, and the sharing of art are just a few of the things that the cinema provides.

It was this sharing of art that I missed the most. Living in New York City, we’re constantly being exposed to design, usually through advertising, branding and editing. If everything around us has at least some elements of design, shouldn’t we all be design obsessed? Design lives in everything; it is important not to neglect it. Let me tell you — the event did not disappoint! Watching business owners, entrepreneurs and designers speak candidly about their craft and relationship to design was as informative as it was enlightening. Not only did it give me an intimate view into the creative processes of industry professionals, but it showed the ways in which design can, and does, elevate brands. The very first thing that a customer sees is the brand design and in attending this event, I was able to see how involved we all should be in the design process, and why events such as these are so vitally important.

In addition, it was wonderful to be able to attend this event in-person, being immersed fully into a community headed by New York City’s top creators. There was an air of prestige that surrounded us, yet everyone that I had the privilege of meeting was very kind and easy to approach! To all the stars that appeared onscreen and onstage — thank YOU for being vulnerable and transparent in sharing your processes with us. Here’s to inspiring the next generation of obsessed designers!