Skin Cancer Awareness

The Challenge

Skin Cancer is a scary disease that is mostly preventable. With the looming weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were challenged to amplify this educational campaign in an optimistic, empowering way.

Strategic Idea

EltaMD has been asking fans to share their personal skin cancer stories previously, but now, to grow awareness and reinforce our expertise, we used our Data Driven Curation process to find partners that had the reach and respect to amplify EltaMD’s skin cancer prevention education.

After exhaustive research we partnered with actress, activist and Melanoma-survivor Michelle Monaghan. Because of her own experience with skin cancer, Michelle makes sun protection a daily ritual with her family, and that honest connection with the brand’s purpose made for quality social media and press coverage.

Program Success

Public Relations

  • 104+ million earned media impressions (despite news cycle being consumed by COVID-19)
  • Featured in New Beauty, Oprah, Real Simple, CNN, Shape & more
  • Meaningful celebrity partnership coverage in New Beauty


  • Brand First! Paid content partnership with leading Dermatologists & Celebrity
  • Leverage IGLives for the first time with Celebrity, Dermatologist and Editor programming to enrich storytelling
  • 760k true reach collaborations with skincare influencers
  • 2 million earned organic seeding True Reach

Social Media

  • 329% increase in DMs
  • 90% increase in profile visits
  • 7% increase in IG Fans
  • 18% increase in engagement

First Dermatologist & Celebrity Partnerships in brand’s history.

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