Alastin Skincare

Integrated Marketing Case Study


Reestablished Alastin as the leading procedure enhancing professional skincare brand

The Challenge
Develop a campaign that helps overcome the fact that patients have so many questions about the procedures themselves, and physicians have so little time to discuss peri-procedure skincare.
Our Strategy
Inject Alastin directly into pre-procedure conversations and create the feeling in patients’ and doctors’ minds that procedure conversations shouldn’t be had without also talking about Alastin.
Alastin: Integrated Marketing Case Study
Our Services
Social Media Advertising
Display Advertising
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral
Retail Signage
Retail Experience
Retail Display
Professional Skincare

How did we do it?

Research + Insight Gathering

Conducted interviews with internal and external key brand stakeholders to gain insight from various perspectives and refine points of differentiation.

The Campaign

Created an unbreakable link between Alastin and peri-procedure care with the “Ask About Alastin” campaign.

Ask About Alastin Campaign Print Ad

Paid Advertising

NewBeauty digital takeover met the consumer with our call to action right at the moment they were researching cosmetic treatments.


In-practice campaign elements included tabletop signage, mirror clings and wall signage that act as reminders to physicians and education for the consumer.
Alastin Skincare In-Practice Wall Clings