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No Silos Here: Using Community Management to Fuel Agency-Wide Holistic Marketing Strategies

by | August 17, 2023

Recently, Base Beauty’s COO Aleni Mackarey, Ph.D., MS, and Emily Horrego, our Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, led a webinar as part of our agency’s data collection partnership with Brandwatch. Along with lots of wisdom on how BBCA uses data to drive creativity, their presentation focused on the pipeline that lets the data we collect and analyze flow through to every department. This is how we create genuinely holistic solutions for our beauty and wellness clients.

As Emily emphasized, community managers are the front-line soldiers, the meet-and-greet team, creating that first impression between the brand and potential customers. So, it’s essential to empower them with all the tools they need to present your brand’s messaging in the most robust way as they gather data through social listening and learn what’s resonating with the audience and what’s not. They’re the ones who first see the trends, the questions, the tell-me-more comments, and the degree of buzz being created for the brand’s products.

But—and it’s a huge but—that’s only step one of a holistic marketing campaign. Our community management team shares their learning all along the way with our influencer outreach team, our blog writers, our publicists, even our package designers. This ensures that everyone throughout the agency is on top of what our community managers—our ears in consumer land—are discovering. Our workflow systems are designed for easy dissemination to everyone. This may sound like an obvious way of doing business, but I have found that not every creative agency or marketing team works like this. It’s the only way we operate, and it helps us create authentic holistic solutions for our clients.

So, next time you pass one of your company’s community managers in the hall, virtual or IRL, give them a big smile and a high five. They deserve it.