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We’re Community Engagement Nerds and Proud of It

by | December 18, 2023

Over and over, we’ve seen the power of consistent, creative community engagement. And, while at Base Beauty Creative Agency, we love every part of creating innovative data-driven solutions for our clients, community engagement is where we have the most fun. I think that’s because it’s a two-way street as we get continual, clear feedback from the communities we create for our clients. We reach out with tempting content, and our audience responds in ways that are authentic, insightful, sometimes silly, but always enlightening to us as marketers. Talk about instant gratification!

We are especially attuned to the power of outbound community engagement. Here’s an amazing example shared by one of our senior program success managers. Base Beauty recently began working with a giant global hair care brand that, surprisingly, had not done much social community outreach before joining our roster. In the first month, we launched our community engagement program with a delightful seasonal campaign focused on clever hair hacks for Halloween. Our outbound comments posted on like-minded accounts generated a—wait for it—35,000% increase in engagement. Yes, you read that right.

Here, in a nutshell, was proof of the power of community engagement, a genuine reflection of being in the right place at the right time with the right audience. Through thoughtfully identifying and creating feeds to connect with our client’s brand messaging and sharing them in our client’s voice, we hit several home runs right out of the gate (forgive the mixed sports metaphors!). Base Beauty’s COO, Aleni Mackarey, Ph.D., MS, and I still marvel at the data that supports the learning from our test-and-learn programs: if you do your homework in planning your outbound community engagement, you can continually grow the audience for whatever you are selling. Maybe it’s not rocket since, but it really does work…and it really is fun!

Message our CEO with your thoughts: What creative ways have you found to build your community and expand your marketplace? Please share!