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3-Week Road Trip: Emotional Whirlwind Part 2

by | October 12, 2021

Two years ago in August I took a 4-week road trip vacation with my family. Like most of our journeys, it ended at Disney. I intended to do some occasional remote work on the trip, but also planned to have many days off, with 100% focus on new adventures with the ones I love. Thousands of dollars of cancelled client work later, the trip was NOT a relaxing break from work, rather it was a maddening experience of work stress dominating my personal life. Read all the gory details here

But let’s fast forward to last month, another long road trip adventure with my family for 3 weeks and a very different outcome with the same final destination: Disneyland. Here I stand, in front of the exact same Inside Out-inspired ride, to say that things have really changed. Yes I did a little work on the trip, but only to keep the new biz pipeline humming. There were no client crises for me to deal with and not one challenging phone call.

I’ve experienced so much personal evolution in the past two years, by working hard and learning more and more about myself, how I deal with self doubt, stress, fear and the illusion of control. In that time I’ve had real emotional breakthroughs that have helped me reach many of my goals. I have amazing dream-come-true clients, a fantastic growing team of beauty and wellness marketing experts that collaborate magically together. And COVID-19’s intense impact on my business gifted me even more courage and confidence. I have also become much more relaxed and accepting of work infringing on vaca time, because I love my job and am so inspired and passionate in growing Base Beauty. When work creeps into vacations now and again, it’s no longer a moment filled with resentment.

So this last trip was an emotional whirlwind in a new way — a chance for me to feel so much progress in my own journey and also a fantastic way to end an adventurous vacation with my family.

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