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Glossy’s WorkLife Awards Finalist!

by | October 25, 2021

Aside from helping our clients reach their growth goals, the most exciting part of my job is building an agency that leads with kindness.

Through my 20+ year career, I’ve seen first hand why agencies are often described with unpleasant four-letter words. I’ve lived and worked through plenty of junk thanks to toxic cultures.

With Base Beauty, I get the chance to reinvent what an agency can be, what internal collaboration and partnership with clients looks and sounds like, and how everyone on the team, no matter their age or expertise, can have a good idea. I value my team and work hard to find ways to reward them for excellence and honor their journey. And, if you were wondering, employee appreciation is not about snacks — it leads with respect.

That’s why I’m over the moon that Base Beauty is a finalist for the @glossyco WorkLife Awards. On this finalist list, we are in the company of huge businesses like Sephora!

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