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It’s True, We Really Do It All

by | August 6, 2020

Since starting my creative marketing agency 14 years ago, I’ve been committed to giving our beauty and wellness clients a one-stop shop. It’s an approach to marketing in this complex ecosystem that my team and I have proven effective, and a movement we are so proud to lead.

I started my career at a global classic advertising agency that was solely focused on TV commercials. The rest of the marketing plan was executed by a half dozen other agency partners of various specialties. Not until I had a leadership role as Creative Director at a luxury French beauty brand did I understand how ineffective that approach would be in the modern marketing landscape. A great partner agency needs to be able to create packaging designs that work hard in user generated content on social media, and also have the ability to secure a celebrity spokesperson who is authentic to the brand.

There is only one Base Beauty: we develop everything the consumer sees and touches. Our clients rely on our staff of experts to not only stay ahead of the curve in their disciplines, but also to work together harmoniously, building on each other’s ideas and bring programs to life in a way that looks flawless to our clients and their customers.

Our holistic approach makes our clients look smart (because they are). Not only does the consumer respond and act because she is seeing one core message delivered across every touchpoint, but our process saves our clients so much time and money. And our work works. We have eye-opening case studies to prove it.

Running an agency this way is not easy. It’s far more complex to lead a talented multi-disciplinary staff then it is to offer only one function. We have teams that feel the magic when they take a good idea and layer on greatness: Strategy team, Design team, Social Media team, PR team, Influencer Marketing team and a Client Services team. There is so much reward in this work style. Our teams are constantly learning and evolving as quickly as the algorithms change. We are exposed to tangential specialties that enhance everyone’s mastery of the digital ecosystem. We are each so proud to use our talents to grow challenger start-ups and global legacy brands.