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Making Pitches Palatable

by | July 19, 2021

After I read the Ad Age article “Agency Review Horror Stories And How To Give Up The Ghost” by Brian Bonilla, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. Brian paints a realistic picture of how challenging it is to develop new business leads into paying clients in our fast moving, mostly virtual industry.

We are so grateful to work with, which blends the best of agency search firms into a more nimble format. We love it because Curated is doing just that… Curating! They thoughtfully invite us to pitches that are legitimately good fits for our agency. They aren’t just checking boxes to include us in pitches that are irrelevant or would not be a strong fit.

And they are making the process very streamlined and simple. They do not ask us to do the work to get the work. Which means that when we don’t get selected, in addition to having access to feedback about our pitch, we are not draining our resources from the process.

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