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9 Reasons Why BBCA and WBMB™ Love GRIN

by | September 25, 2023 | Social Media, Technology, WBMB™ Podcast

If you haven’t already heard us shouting from any rooftop we can find, this summer at WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ Podcast is brought to you by our sponsor, GRIN! This season at our podcast has focused on Artistry —and GRIN, the #1 Influencer Marketing Platform, fits that theme perfectly. Here are 9 reasons why GRIN lives up to its name and keeps us GRINing. Be warned, it will be hard to get to the bottom without requesting a demo of this amazing tool!

  1. Kim Kardashian approved. — The world’s top e-commerce brands including Macy’s, L’Oreal, Ipsy, Olaplex, Conair and even Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand, SKIMS use this tool for influencer marketing. You know you want to, all the cool kids are doing it!
  2. Streamlined software? Yes please! — We’re saying YES to anything that makes our lives easier. GRIN’s user interface is designed so you can communicate with influencers, track your e-commerce platforms, integrate your Slack channels and emails all in one, simple software.
  3. Personalization is key. — The consumer’s need for connection is not going away anytime soon. GRIN’s ability to connect your brand with influencers and influencers with your target audience in a personal, authentic way drives sales and creates long-lasting goodwill.
  4. They let meetings be emails!!! — How many times a day do you say, “This meeting could have been an email?” When our team has questions, GRIN is there with prompt, helpful responses. They’ve even sent us personalized screen recordings from a GRIN expert walking us through solutions we didn’t have time to discuss on a call. 10/10!!!
  5. Take your pick… From 32,000! — GRIN offers over 32,000 content creators so your brand can find the perfect match for your market! They even streamline your research process through the look-a-like function that pulls lists of similar content creators based on those you already love. With their 360 Creator View you can see a creator’s historical content and audience insights before partnership up.
  6. Decuple your marketing efforts. (Yes, you read that right!) — Using this one tool can increase your influencer marketing efforts up to 10 times! GRIN builds custom reports which identify your top performers, most impactful content and ROI transparency.
  7. Work smarter and get smarter. — GRIN offers innovative continuing education webinars on important topics like building relationships with creators, understanding DE&I in the creator economy, broadening your TikTok creator strategies and so much more.
  8. Seed to 100 influencers in less than 10 minutes. (For real, according to our Influencer Relations Manager!) — GRIN partners with Shopify, Salesforce, PayPal, WooCommerce and Magento to create a product fulfillment hub so when you need to seed, just pick the creator and product combo and GRIN will pack/ship/track/update you on the rest! Our in-office Fulfillment Coordinator loves this piece of the tool.
  9. Legalese made simple. — GRIN simplifies the legal stuff so you can customize your content rights agreements in just a few clicks. GRIN then forwards it to the creator and, once accepted, it is stored for one to refer back to whenever one pleases.
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