Colgate Design Obsessed Campaign

by | Nov 9, 2021

How do you inspire creativity in 35,000 global employees? At Colgate, you flip that switch with edu-tainment! I’m so honored to be included in their #DesignObsessed campaign to remind their global team members that creativity and design is a part of their work, no matter what department they are in! The video series is funny, engaging and showcases how creativity and design show up unexpectedly everyday and in any way! Jennifer Giannotti-Genes and Vicente Vasquez from the Colgate Global Design Team visited me at our Base Beauty / Where Brains Meet Beauty office in New York City to talk about how design is utilized when brands and consumers meet digitally. They also got to meet our bell collection! This is definitely a moment to RING THE BELL!!! 

Watch the episode I’m featured in below. I come in at 4:00!

PHOTO: Jodi & Vicente at the #DesignObsessed viewing party in Chelsea NYC 

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