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Creating Connections When You Are Physically Isolated

by | April 26, 2020

My hope is that you are feeling well, and that the Coronavirus has only interrupted your way-of-life and not your health.

We want to help people maintain as normal a routine as possible while they stay home, so we have created a way to serve the beauty and wellness community during this time when it isn’t safe (or possible) to attend events.

How does it work?

Through our Virtual Beauty Events, we plan and host via video conference, a live event with curated and contracted influencers who are excited to tell your brand and product stories on Social Media.

Influencers that meet your target are curated, sourced and contracted to attend the event and create relevant, authentic content on platforms that make sense for your business. The event fee is based on how many impressions you want to reach. This program starts at 1 million impressions but can be customized to have wider reach and celebrity partners. We can send attendees an experience-in-a-box to support their content creation.

Here is the process:

  • You’ll brief us on your target and storytelling goals.
  • We’ll invite a curated community of influencers to join the event. If you have an expert or celebrity spokesperson, we will make her the star of the event. Or we can curate and negotiate with a Macro Influencer or Celebrity to host the event.
  • We’ll ship your product to the influencers.
  • We will set up the Virtual Event, sending private links.
  • We will create a “run of show” for this event, to make the Virtual minutes we spend together a value for all influencers participants, encouraging live posting.
  • We will follow up with influencers who attended.
  • Influencers will craft their original content, creating sponsored Instagram Posts, Blog Posts, Pinterest Boards or YouTube videos, dependent on the negotiated deliverables.
  • We can also whitelist the content to reach more of your target.
  • After the event, we will provide a comprehensive performance reports on the metrics earned from the paid posts.

We can also customize this for consumer and media Virtual Events.

Program fees are dependent on your goal impressions.

You don’t have to be a current client to work with us on this program. Reach out to me direct to discuss!

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