Alastin Skincare

Evergreen Brand Campaign

The Insight

Patients and providers have many conversations around cosmetic procedures. However, in these discussions, pre and post procedure skincare takes a back seat to other topics — if discussed at all.

The Assignment

Develop a fully integrated brand awareness campaign for Alastin Skincare that communicates the brand’s expertise in peri-procedure skincare. The campaign is targeted to patients and adapted for physicians.

The Idea: Ask About Alastin

Inject Alastin directly into pre-procedure conversations and create the feeling in patient’s and doctor’s minds that procedure conversations shouldn’t be had without also talking about Alastin. Create an unbreakable link between Alastin and peri-procedure care with “Ask About Alastin”.

More than a pretty face, our patients look to their provider for guidance and reassurance. In this campaign we showcase the provider’s caring hands on patient faces, to immediately place the reader inside the treatment room.

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